What is SARRC?

The South Asian Research and Resource Centre (SARRC) is a recognized, non-partisan, non-profit and non-governmental organization which has pioneered resource and documentation services in the Pakistan Non-profit sector.

A unique repository containing a wealth of information on the history, politics and socioeconomic development which have been focal to the evolution of history and society of the region, the SARRC has acquired, catalogued, preserved and documented vital information including fact-sheets, unpublished material, manuscripts, policy papers and official reports of various Commissions and Committees. Almost all of the important newspapers, periodicals, books, reports and documents published during the last two centuries are preserved under one roof.

  • Our Primary Users
  • Research Students
  • Research Scholars
  • Media Organizations
  • Government/Civil Society

Our resource centre covers a wide range of subjects including politics, human rights, minorities, development issues, environment issues, culture, literature and labor. The Centre caters to the needs of international and national research scholars, university students, research and professional organizations, politicians, investigative journalists, social workers and governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The SARRC offers annual and life memberships to individuals and institutions and caters to their requirements on priority basis. The SARRC also extends its services for short-term assignments. Researchers stationed outside Pakistan can avail most of the facilities by telephone, through the post or by e-mail.

Aims and Objectives

The foundational objectives of SARRC are to:

  • Provide research resources, data, material and advice to facilitate research in the social sciences, liberal arts and humanities;
  • Design, facilitate and undertake research aimed at providing scientific understanding of issues and policies;
  • Mobilize resources and establish linkages with other resource centers, universities, think tanks and public bodies for the furtherance of research;
  • Generate, package, publish and disseminate information for greater knowledge sharing.
  • Influence policy decisions for the promotion of research and information sharing;
  • Conduct, sponsor and assist research and debate at various fora and seminars on issues of relevance to the objectives of SARRC.
  • Assist and build the capacity of government, non-government and private education and research institutions and organizations.